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General Buying Rules - Quick View

This is a quick synopsis of our Seller Page buying rules available on all pages where purchases can be made.

Please refer to our Terms & Condtions for the full text.

Seller Page

All specimens are available on a "first come- first served" basis, if you are a Collector subscriber all items will be available to you for 24 hours before coming available to all users.

To purchase any item on a Seller page:

Please Use your existing e-Rocks logon to access the Buying Section.

Please ensure your new User Profile details are up to date

or if new/forgotten your Password - Sign Up Now

When you are logged in a browser bar will appear at the top of each page, with your name to the right.

Please read the new e-Rocks T&Cs and Buying Rules - buying an item bid confirms acceptance of these.

(You can view all your items by accessing My Items in your site browser bar.)

Check Sellers Terms and Conditions - these are available through links on the item page. These might be different according to Selller.

Click "Buy Now" and follow the sequence/on screen instructions to make your purchase.

If you are buying a single item please check and ensure correct postage is present for your address, please complete the transaction by paying via the Check Out.

You will receive an email confirming your purchase.

If you need to confirm or combine shipping shortly afterwards the Seller will contact you with an invoice.

If you do not confirm your purchase the item will become available for purchase by other buyers after 10 minutes.