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Since 2001 we have been building a database for selling minerals, now we have opened this up for collectors (and other users) too.

Thanks to our many sellers we have started with an inventory of nearly 450,000 individually described mineral specimens, through our sales we will continue to build our list of minerals and related collectibles; all catalogued and photographed.

These will be on show to everyone BUT we would like our users to take a more interactive role within e-Rocks.

To achieve this we have created our new all-in-one e-Rocks Collector subscription account.

As a Collector on e-Rocks you will benefit in 5 areas, each with a range of features designed specifically for mineral collecting and your extended use of our site:-

  1. A range of buyer perks such as offers/discounts when available, Early Bird access to fixed price pages and wish lists. 
  2. Access all to areas of our sold/historic database – with prices and dates. Add more information about new minerals, localities, and or collectors/collections
  3. Your own expert collection management system, including conversion of any items purchased on e-Rocks plus upload of items/photos from other sources. 
  4. A range of easy to use Tools and Apps that will let you to integrate your collecting on and off line along with other websites like Facebook etc.
  5. Move surplus items from your inventory to sales pages either on e-Rocks, or other places like eBay & Facebook.

As a Collector on e-Rocks there are so many things you can do, either on your own/in a group, anonymously/published, top level/detailed and so on.

The facilities are all there for you to choose from; here are some of the features that you will get unlimited access to:-

Buying Assistance

  1. Create Wants List of items you are looking for (visible anonymously to all our sellers).
  2. Exclusive 24 hour “Early Bird” purchasing for all Fixed Price listings in e-Rocks.
  3. Special Offers and discounts as and when we can make these available

e-Rocks Reference Database

  1. Easy to use read and write access to our Database so you can add information or photos of minerals, localities (geography & history) and people, with a range of interfaces for linking information across our site and to/from places like Facebook and Mindat.
  2. Access our Price Guide – Research prices and previous sales for around 180K items
  3. We will help you develop your own classifications/categories outside mineralogy if your collection needs this, eg fossils, meteorites, etc.


  1. Use your own area on the site to catalogue your collection with items, either from e-Rocks, other online sources or via upload/import.
  2. Categorise and share your items into our user database, and other social media – with lists and photographs of your minerals and others you have researched.
  3. You can organise your collection in any way you wish and optionally add storage, labelling and other cross referencing to blogs and social media. You can do this item by item or search out groups and manage all together.
  4. Display and reference mineral, locality and other information from our database with your items.
  5. All of your content is held securely, backed up and can be viewed anywhere or downloaded at anytime – with flexible privacy and copyright tools.
  6. All collector data is archived so it will not be deleted if you take a break.
  7. 10GB inclusive storage for your published photographs and articles (enough for around 5000 items). We can give you more if you need it!

Web Portal

  1. Use e-Rocks to view and manage your mineral social media content (eg Facebook posts) in one screen.
  2. Create your own e-Rocks homepage with live feeds/content updates from Facebook, Twitter, also RSS feeds
  3. Simple to post blogging or more formal article writing; all timelined/cross referenced to any relevant item, mineral type or locality in our database.
  4. Group creation/membership with forums and shared content publishing - optionally in tandem with Facebook groups, eg a Facebook group can have an e-Rocks Group page to manage/filter and store relevant posts.
  5. Publishing and embed tools that connect your page and updates automatically with other sites, eg Facebook, your own website or blogsite.
  6. Optional - your own domain name


  1. A one tick assignment to put items on sale on e-Rocks, or elsewhere - with full e-commerce support
  2. The e-Rocks website is purpose built for selling minerals and we would be pleased to help any Collector market their specimens to get the best results


Period (In Advance) Per Month Fee Buy Now
3 Months £7.50 £22.50 3   Months
6 Months £7 £42 6   Months
1 Year £6.25 £75 12 Months

Why is there a Charge?

e-Rocks is independent full-time and self funded, so paying a small subscription will help us keep e-Rocks moving forward and giving you back more than you put in.

Also we can:-

  • avoid things like external advertising on our pages.
  • continue to run e-Rocks as a managed service with full time help and support.
  • expand and develop new features across the site.
  • build links to other data sources and publications.