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Photography Guide

A quick guide on getting images ready for use on e-Rocks.

This guide is designed for sellers, but collectors who publish collection inventory should work within these guidelines too.

The concept is that all published images in our main database have a consistent presentation across all users on the site.

The presentation of adhoc images via blogs/posts and into database photo galleries should also be considered along these lines - though this area is more liberal.


e-Rocks’ buyers need sellers to use simple photographs so they know what is coming through the post!

What is simple photography?

Mineral specimens must be:-

  • staged as they would appear in a collector’s case.
  • dry, free of dust, dirt, tack, scales or fingers
  • photographed on a black/white/graded or shaded grey background
  • free from photoshop or otherwise manipulated image or image backgrounds
  • represented with the natural colours of the item being displayed

We all have to see clearly what you are selling


  • minimum number of pictures is 2
  • one of your pictures must show the whole mineral
  • the chosen thumbnail picture should be cropped to present a reasonable image of the mineral or a label - not both
  •  UV pictures are welcome but do not set UV pictures as the Thumbnail, unless it is an auction of UV minerals only!

e-Rocks has final say on photos – if they don’t comply they have to be changed!

Photographic Dos!

Use good daylight (lamp) light source – Neutral Black White Grey Background – no flash!

One picture MUST show whole mineral

Use macro lens/feature on camera to show close up of main features of specimen (and any problems too!)

Photographic Do nots!

Do not misrepresent natural colours and do not over compensate with photo editor

Do not use scales, rulers, fingers or too much mineral tack in your photos

Do not photograph objects that are wet or dirty!

Do not upload blurry photos - Keep things sharply in focus

Do not show items in groups - Only show one mineral at a time!

Do not use complex or textured backgrounds

Do not use coloured backgrounds

Do not use legends/logos or watermarks




Optionally upload a Logo Image into your e-Rocks User Account profile - (you need to be logged in).

This file should constrained to Pixel dimensions of 290 Pixels wide by 75 Pixels high, the website will make different impressions for displaying in different areas.

Make sure that this photo represents your business and brand.

If you do not upload a photo the website will display a text impression of your business name.


Your product images need to have Pixel dimensions of between minimum 500 Pixels and maximum 1250  Pixels along the longest edge.

The website will automatically scale photographs to fits this range.

Uploaded file size must not exceed 500Kb (png gif jpg jpeg format.)

You can have 10 product images with the first photo selected as your main page gallery Thumbnail shot.

Other sections are set up for other images, see full details.

All images should follow the same dimensions as above, use a range of shots but include close-up and microphotography to better show-off the detail your item.

Additional images requirements for :

  • Blog Posts

Depending on your selection, a choice of 1, 2-4, or Gallery (Up to 20 images) upload will be presented.

  • Auction/Seller/Collection Page Header
  • Adhoc Posts into Mineral, Locality or other gallery pages

We have set limits on the upload size for any of the above; the website will rescale images to 1250px max dimension.

It will save you bandwidth/upload time if the files are already reduced in size.

For these image types we have also provided an optional online URL upload. For this you just copy and paste the URL of the image you need and the website will import.


For all images loaded on the e-Rocks site we expect the uploader to have copyright or copyright owner's permission to use the photographs presented as part of our terms and conditions. See further information on copyright.