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e-Rocks Invoice System

The e-Rocks invoicing system is there for all sellers to complete sales on e-Rocks

At the end of any Auction or on purchase of an item, all parties will be notified by email of an item Sale.

Within the email is a link - click to send the Buyer an invoice.

This will open the invoice on the website.

New Orders within the Last 24 Hours are also listed by Customer within Backoffice, Dashboard.

Searching for Older Orders

If you want to look at older invoices you can access these chronologically by status in Backoffice, Customer, Orders.

If you want to look at Orders for a single customer use Backoffice, Customer, Users, then use search features to find and select a User and you will find an Orders button within the Customer overview screen.

In both cases you will taken to a filtering screen with filter controls along the top. 

You can search by Month or Month Range by setting the options at the top, and also by Order Status by selecting the Radio button.

"All Statii", shows you all your orders.

If the page does not automatically search, click "Reload Orders"

The invoices will appear with a summary of information. You can expand the invoices to show the Items by clicking + to the left.

You can open the invoice for editing by clicking the Invoice number.

Working on Invoices

Once you have the invoice open there are a number of operations available. These will enable you to add postage, insurance and discounts, write a message to your buyer, change currency and merge invoices with another invoice for the same buyer. Also update status.

To Send A Basic Invoice

Open the invoice as above, then click Edit.

The invoice will open and you can now work in various fields. To send a basic invoice follow these steps.

Add/amend to the courtesy message within Comments: this is a Free Text box to correspond to your Buyer.

Update Postage, Insurance and Discount as required.

Once you have completed your modifications click "Save"

The screen will reopen with your changes saved: You can click Edit again to reopen the screen or

Send Invoice to email to your Buyer. This will return a pop up "Are you Sure Y/N?"

Click Yes and the following happens:-

  1. the invoice is sent by email to the Buyer


  2. the invoice will appear in the Buyer's My invoices page - with "To Pay" 


  3. a copy is sent to your mailbox


  4. The invoice status is upated to "Invoiced"

Merging Invoices

We encourage multiple purchases and postage economy!

Usually within the "Shopping Cart" system a invoice will be generated with all purchases within, but also all Auctions and single purchases will create a single invoice.

For convenience and to show postage and other discounts we can Merge Invoices together, it is done like this:

Open the invoice, and click Edit.

In the middle of the form you can select the items you wish to move (default all are selected)

Beneath is a panel for moving/changing Selected Items in the Invoice.

Go to “Move to Order”, to the right is a drop down default , click the right arrow and you will see other invoices for this customer that are Unpaid.

By convention always select the top – newest option.

Click “Move to Order

The page will go back to your Order list with this invoice removed. The items that were stored in that invoice have been moved to the selected new invoice.

If there are several orders, repeat until you have finished.

Also use this operation (moving old invoices to new) if your Buyer is building a "stockpile" to save on postage. Note the older invoice will vanish (also any Reminded/Escalated prompts)

Modifying Currency

In normal operation the invoicing system will set the invoice currency according to the Buyer and Seller preferences, eg if you are able to accept payments in Euros and the Buyers preference is set to pay in Euros, the invoice will automatically be shown in Euros.

If you want to bill a customer in another currency open your invoice in "Edit"

Go to near the bottom of page and see "Switch this order to:" - select the currency you wish to change to and click "Switch"

The screen will refresh and the invoice summary will be returned.

To change again just repeat the process.

If you have not done this: Please make sure the Buyer is ok to pay in another currency before sending an invoice. Generally Euro zone people are ok to pay in Euros, USA people will only pay in USD.....


This is the end of the section about creating and sending Invoices. Go to Order Management for more information about what happens next.