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More Weardale Blues

Content image: More Weardale Blues

The day before we went to Munich the nice man from UPS turned up on my doorstep with quite a large box.

As it happened, the Sunday before I was out dog walking and pocket pinging on messenger learning all about a little discovery up in Weardale.

A new cavity had been opened that appeared to have been shale/breccia lined but populated with isolated with gemmy pale blue fluorite twins.

The matrix had either broken down or was not very strong in the first place, leaving the fluorite crystals as detached/floaters or perched on small fragments of matrix - all to 2.5cm or so.

To cut a long story short the UPS delivery contained the self same crystals.

Due to Munich there was little time to unpack and investigate until yesterday, but well worth the wait!

The crystals are very nice, pretty well flawless pale blue with some zoning within. Mostly twins but some double and triple twins too.

Looking forward to getting these cleaned and photographed in the studio.

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Photos: More Weardale Blues
Photos: More Weardale Blues