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  • 05 Jun, 2020
    Joy Desor
    Two unusual and colourful Uranium (U) minerals have been reported from Germany for the first time: Green to bluish paddlewheelite and yellow-green glassy albrechtschraufite. The locality is Uranus Mine, Kleinrückerswalde, in...
  • 23 May, 2020
    Joy Desor
    Analytical investigations of the germanite and renierite associated secondary minerals have lead to the discoveries of many unique minerals eg. otjisumeite, bartelkeite, stottite from the Tsumeb Mine, Otavi Highlands,...
  • 13 Sep, 2018
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
    Andyrobertsite and calcioandyrobertsite are two fascinating mineral species present in a single very famous specimen from Tsumeb.  This superb specimen was featured in the cover of the Mineralogical Record vol.30, num. 3,...
  • 27 Aug, 2018
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
      Poudretteite, pronounced “poo-dret-tay-ite” is a rare borosilicate mineral first discovered in the 1960s but not formally recognised as a mineral until 1986 (IMA1986-028). Named after the Poudrette family, original...
  • 23 Jun, 2018
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
    Back in February 2016 we created a short blog "Pull Your Fingerite" about a BBC article (and others) covering a paper by Dr Robert Hazen, of the Carnegie Institution in Washington DC, and Prof Jesse Ausubel of The...
  • 02 Jun, 2018
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
    I spotted our third ever specimen of santanaite go under the virtual gavel the other day and in my tiny brain the name resolved to "santanaite, named for Carlos Santana legendary Mexican guitarist"! Of course santanaite is...
  • 12 Mar, 2017
    Joy Desor
    Calamaite is the third natural Ti dominant sulfate mineral known yet. Russian scientists recognized this phase, occuring as filigrane colourless sprays, while doing some analytical investigations in a matrix of coquimbite...
  • 19 Feb, 2017
    Joy Desor
    This weekend three of my friends visited me for some analytical work on their self collected and collection material. One of them had an old Tsumeb sample hosting filigrane silky masses on germanite renierite matrix. Not...
  • 17 Feb, 2017
    Joy Desor
    Greenockite from Tsumeb forms beautiful hexagonal orange crystals in cavities of Cd rich galena. Often the specimens host brownish Cd rich smithsonite. Crystal size is usually around 50-100µm. Studies under the electron...
  • 17 Jan, 2017
    Joy Desor
    When I started examining micro minerals I came across a nice specimen hosting olive green bartelkeite. It was pure luck to find this mineral. This is what I can say now looking back at the small number of specimens I had....
  • 29 Nov, 2016
    Joy Desor
    Weishanite is a very rare gold-silver amalgam, which had two localities. Recent investigations of a unknown metallic hexagonal phase on an old sample hosting verified magnolite showed that this is Weishanite in beautiful...
  • 01 Nov, 2016
    Joy Desor
    Germanium (Ge) & gallium (Ga) are elements which are essential in our todays life. ----------------------------------------------------------------- In the semiconductor industry Ga is used for InGaAs diodes, which have...