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  • 15 Oct, 2018
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
    Here I am back in the office on a wet and dull Monday morning after the 2018 Bakewell Show. Having spent a “full on” weekend in the bosom of the UK mineral collecting scene I am feeling a little bit tired. As usual George...
  • 12 Oct, 2018
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
    Steverustite is a secondary mineral of copper and lead with an interesting and rarely occuring (in nature) thiosulphate anion (S2O3) within its structure. Named after UK mineralogist and collector Steve Rust the mineral was...
  • 05 Jun, 2018
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
    Having worked with Madagascan minerals over a number of years, grandidierite has always been a interesting and hard to get hold of mineral. The story went that there were a few localities close to each other in the south of...
  • 08 Dec, 2017
    Ed Richard
    Some years ago, around 2010 news started to trickle out about spectacular finds of collectable mineral specimens in Inner Mongolia. The first deposits brought back memories of Dal'negorsk as the geology and minerals like...
  • 07 Nov, 2017
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
    The other day I was checking through some minerals from last year's fluorite find at Shannapheasteen in the Irish Republic. Within the base of some quartz crystals were some small 2mm clear to white flat crystals. These were...
  • 30 Oct, 2017
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
    The day before we went to Munich the nice man from UPS turned up on my doorstep with quite a large box. As it happened, the Sunday before I was out dog walking and pocket pinging on messenger learning all about a little...