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Viamineralia - Pre-Munich Special 1: 17 Oct - 24 Oct 2020

Viamineralia - Pre-Munich Special 1: 17 Oct - 24 Oct 2020

Start: 17/10/2020 18:30 BST   End: 24/10/2020 23:40 BST

Dear Friends and Collectors!
Welcome to our first Pre-Munich special! This year it is very difficult to visit the Munich show - many collectors from US and overseas will not be able to come to the show; caused by too many regulations. Even in Europe it became very difficult to travel and so we will miss a lot of friends from Switzerland or UK. And also inside Germany there are lot of troubles and many collectors told us, that they will stay at home. Viamineralia always shows a special selection before and after Munich and we always do our best to show you a fine selection - this year we want to make this special auction better than ever before. So many collectors will not come to Munich and some would not be able to visit any mineral show - so we have the challenge to show a wide, wide field - we want to show high-quality minerals; like a stunning Azurite from Tsumeb, like a spectacular Rhodo from Peru or like an incredible Fluorite from Elmwood, which is out of Europe´s leading private collection - the collection of Fabian Wildfang.
But we also want to show special things; rarities. Viamineralia had the opportunity to acquire very rare and unique material from Iceland and Faroe islands. We selected ten of the best ones and show them here on e-rocks for the very first time to public. There are some crazy good Stilbites and Apophyllite, rare combinations and a superb Thomsonite. Further you will find some rarities from Alps and Austria - a Fluorite from Stampfl glacier, Lazulite from Werfen, Titanite and some other jewels. More and different material in the second Pre-Munich special next week.
Enjoy the auction, have fun, stay healthy! Your Viamineralia-Team, Martin and Robert