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New Book - New Theory

Content image: New Book - New Theory

New book announced - Genesis & Classifying Agates & Jaspers: A New Theory, By
Marco Campos-Venuti
In English

As described,

Cracked one of the greatest mysteries of the geology!
A Guide for the collector.
A Bible for a geologist.

This book shows a new model of geological which explains the formation of the majority of the varieties of microcrystalline silica. It has been written for collectors, geologists and people who are curious to find out.

The explanation of the phenomena involved is done with the aid of a myriad of images and diagrams that capture and maintain the attention of the reader.

The author born in 1965, is a doctor in volcanology and director of the Italian "Rivista Gemmologica". From his childhood a passionate collector of stones interested in researching the origin. He has a major collection of agate and jasper and has written countless scientific articles.

Available for €35 via PM to Roberto Márquez Muñoz on Facebook

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