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Sharyginite - New Mineral

Content image: Sharyginite - New Mineral

Sharyginite was listed as a new mineral, approved pending publication in the June 2017 Mineralogical Magazine.

The formula is Ca3TiFe2Oit was first identified in material collected from Caspar Quarry, Bellerberg, Eifel, Germany.

Probably unsurprising as it is an oxide mineral with titanium and iron it is black, and analogous to shulamitite, Ca3TiFe3+AlO8 with an extra iron in exchange for aluminium.

Crystal system is orthorhombic. 

The type material is deposited in the collection at the Fersman Museum.

By some coincidence both Carsten Slotta and Joy Desor both asked for the new mineral to be opened up on e-Rocks today, so we have photos from both to show you.

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Photos: Sharyginite - New Mineral
Photos: Sharyginite - New Mineral