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Norman Cogger Collection For Sale

Content image: Norman Cogger Collection For Sale

Posted on behalf of the Russell Society; here is a heads up for the upcoming offer for sale of the Norman Cogger Mineral Collection.

Norman Cogger

Norman lived in Tonbridge, Kent and was a member of the Russell Society for many years. Following  his passing away in January 2017, and in line with his wishes, his mineral collection is now being sold to raise funds for his chosen good cause, the Kent and Sussex Hospital League of Friends.

Norman’s collection contains a wide range of foreign and British species, with an emphasis on the chemistry of minerals rather than aesthetics. 

The collection is well curated, with specimens in a clean condition and supported by labels, a card index system and catalogues. 

The collection is housed in a number of cabinets that are included as an integral part of the sale.


The collection is offered under the terms of a sealed bid, and bids are to be returned by noon on 1 December 2017.

Full details for how to view the collection before considering purchase, timescales and the sealed bid process, are given via the Russell Society page link below.

Austin Woodbridge and Roy Starkey have taken photographs of the collection and the catalogues, the full gallery of photographs is available via the Dropbox link also posted below. 

Happy Hunting!

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Photos: Norman Cogger Collection For Sale
Photos: Norman Cogger Collection For Sale
Photos: Norman Cogger Collection For Sale
Photos: Norman Cogger Collection For Sale


Submitted by caliban on
For whoever buys this collection: I'd be interested in the antique cabinet (the darkest wood in the middle - the one with two handles).