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New EU VAT Rules from 1st July 2021

Content image: New EU VAT Rules from 1st July 2021

Hi Everyone


As you will know the Import of Goods to EU Countries and VAT Sales between EU Countries changes at 00:01 on July 1st 2021.

This will affect buying on e-Rocks in 2 areas.

1/ Buying from a VAT Registered EU Sellers in a different EU country.

From 1 July VAT charges within your purchase invoice will be accounted at the VAT rate of your country (not the seller country).

The e-Rocks invoicing system will now create invoices to reflect this new rule.

Note this will not affect the amount you bid/pay in an auction. This will remain the same.

2/ Imports from outside the EU.

From 1 July all items sent into the EU Customs Union areas (including NI) will need to accounted for VAT at the border. Unfortunately there are no longer exemptions/value thresholds etc and minerals are liable to VAT on import.

We are certain that none of our non EU sellers are registered for VAT within the EU and the standard method of import is going to be Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU).

Therefore items purchased on e-Rocks into EU customers will arrive as DDU. This means that VAT and handling payment on receipt.

On shipping the item there are 2 declared value scenarios.

1) Items sold valued up to 150 Euros (including shipping and any insurance/compensation costs) will be treated for VAT and a carrier customs clearance fee, paid for on receipt.

The fees and rates and methods of delivery will differ according to Carrier and destination country.  

2) Items sold and valued at 150 Euros and over will be subject to VAT, Duties (subject to origin) and carrier customs clearance fee.

All these scenarios are DDU and senders have been advised to consult with their carrier to ensure labelling is correct etc. 

Gifts are treated differently but these can only be sent between private individuals.

Great Britain

For the avoidance of doubt - GB (not NI, which is in EU VAT border) will have the same import rules applied, from both EU (& NI) and rest of the World.

We have requested that non EU sellers publish notes on their auction headers about EU shipping, but we suggest you contact sellers directly to discuss shipping etc. There is a chance that a seller can avoid using DDU by arranging to pay VAT via their postal service etc.

Note: We have no jurisdiction over what you agree privately, however the general T&Cs remain that all buyers are responsible for import taxes and duties.

Currently no one really knows what is going to happen with DDU imports across the EU, it will become apparent over the following months, .

Clearly the new rules will change trading in some areas of the site - BUT nothing will change for non EU buyers, nothing will change for EU buyers using EU sellers etc. Hopefully after the initial transition things will settle down and we can update you on progress.

It would be good to hear if anyone on the site has any suggestions beyond this.


Mark & George 

for e-Rocks Ltd