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e-Rocks Mobile Goes Live

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We have opened a new Mobile browser version for e-Rocks - we hope you will like it.

The first thing to say is that if you don't like it you can turn it off and on by the "View Desktop Site" option posted on every page.

The mobile site is optimised for mobile and tablet device use for bidding, buying and searching the site.

Once logged in the "you" icon will show green and the site is fully open for you. The best thing to do is log in and have a look around; however here are some of the features to explore.


We have added several search features to help explore our listings. Tap the Magnifier to access

1/ Recent - your most recent searches

2/ Full - more detailed searching by adding filters and options to your input

3/ Saved - on any search you have entered, tap the disk icon, add a name, and save this search for future use. The saved option gives access to your own saved searches.

4/ Popular - a table of the current most popular valid searches.

Please note that locality searches are now linked to Mindat and also "short form" entries, so if there is an alternative name for a location or, for example USA is entered, the search will operate correctly.

Auction/Seller/Search Page Layout

These are now optimised for mobile screens, the same information is shown.

In portait form the page orientates to a default vertical table. This can be sorted or filtered by tapping and selecting at the top.

In landscape with screen lock off the page will automatically orientate vertical tablets for items listed.

Additional controls

Star button = shows only items for sellers you follow

Wedding rings button = shows only "watched items" or items you have bid on

Change currency view = tap any of the currency values shown

Show dealer/item # = tap the item# on the item and this will change to show dealer name, tap again to return.

Item Page

We have redesigned the item page with section tabs for relevant information. Tap the tab you need and the information is displayed.

Note: tabs will not be presented if there is nothing to show.

Next Item = you can navigate to the next item in the auction by dragging the item title left or right and tapping the option exposed, (Back returns to the original page)

Bidding, Watching and Follow (seller) are accessible.

Bid and Shipping information are expandable.

Related Items will return you to the original Auction/Fixed Price/Search results.

The new tools and features should be intuitive and more friendly for mobile/tablet use.


To make it easier to use mobile devices for uploading we have added a mobile friendly Upload, and List Items page.

These pages are core to item creation on the site, and the optimised should make it much easier to work from your phone in preparing items for listing.


Via these page you can now add photos and create listings via a simple optimised process. This is similar to Desktop so should be easy to use.

You can also part prepare inventory on your phone and finish on desktop or vice versa.

We recommend you find a suitable app for editing backgrounds etc before adding pictures - our rules on photography presentation still apply.

For general uploading of photos (either Desktop or Mobile) we have changed the system to allow and photo size or file to upload, the site will fix the dimensions and file to fit with the correct parameters.   



Photos: e-Rocks Mobile Goes Live
Photos: e-Rocks Mobile Goes Live
Photos: e-Rocks Mobile Goes Live
Photos: e-Rocks Mobile Goes Live