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Unspecified Pit, La Negra, Antofagasta Province

Antofagasta Region, Chile

This is the locality now assigned for the 2017 find of minerals originally attributed to Coronel Manuel Rodriguez Mine, which some way to the North.

See e-Rocks blog referenced below

Map position is for a man made pit in the the desert south-west of La Negra. Although not 100% certain, topography and matching ground and satellite photos do appear to match up.

The use of the pit could have been for the ammonia leaching of copper ores, albeit some distance away, Mina Escondida has been mentioned a source of ore, in transit to the sea ports on the West Coast.

Again these minerals do appear to have at least some anthropogenic input, ie an ammonium source, copper ore and an extraction process. Also natural process of evaporation has likely given rise to the minerals, rather than direct human synthesis.

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