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Greek Sapphires

Greek Sapphires: 24 Jul - 22 Oct 2019

Start: 24/07/2019 16:00 BST   End: 22/10/2019 15:50 BST

Dear Collectors,

A few months ago, I acquired a single specimen of a plumasite rock from Naxos that included sapphire crystals inside its matrix. It was sitting in an old collection for about 50 years or more. I decided to clean & trim the specimen and try to expose the crystals with micro-abrasion. Preparation has been exhausting and time-consuming but I have ended up with a bit more than a couple of dozen specimens, worthy of collections!

Please note that well-formed crystals of sapphire from Greece like those, have never been offered before. These are by far, the best examples of the species that I have ever seen from Greece. The quantity is very low and they are unique and extremely rare.