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Plinius - Odd & Rare: 18 Nov - 25 Nov 2018

Plinius - Odd & Rare: 18 Nov - 25 Nov 2018

Start: 18/11/2018 18:30 GMT   End: 25/11/2018 23:00 GMT

Dear Friends, 
This week's auction features a number of odd and rare species from a variety of worldwide localities, including some type localities and a cotype. Specimens come from the Thomas 'Jim' Walker (USA) and Cerato (Italy) collections, but also Richard 'Dick' Barstow (UK) stock and my previous systematic collection.  

Some highlights include:
- cotype/type locality analysed bernarlottiite from Ceragiola quarry (Italy)
- exceptionally rich khairdakanite from Khairdakan Sb-Hg deposit (Kyrgyzstan) 
- colorful chrysocolla pseudomorph after boleite from Santa Rosalia (Mexico)
- Bikitaite from the defunct Foote Mine (USA)
- superb kovdorskite from Kovdor Zheleznyi Mine (Russia)

As usual, some specimens come with very low reserve prices.

Hope you enjoy this auction. Happy bidding!