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Fluorite With Galena On Quartz

Mineral Images Only: Fluorite With Galena On Quartz
"A layer of milky white Quartz of about 1 cm thick covers a thin layer of amorphous green Fluorite. The Quartz has a coarse crystalline structure and some crystals can be observed along the edges of the specimen. A second generation of Fluorite completely covers the Quartz layer. The Fluorite crystals are glassy, purple and mostly display a twinned habit. In this case size of the crystals seem to influence the colour: the larger the crystals the more deeper the purple becomes. Smaller crystals have a more pinkish hue. Some of the larger twins have a darker purple zonation, just below the crystal edge. The crystals reach between a few mm and 1,5 cm on the sides. There is some minor Galena in association throughout the specimen, with one single larger crystal of about 6mm popping through the fluorite.