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Mineral Images Only: Fluorite
Green Fluorite cubes completely cover a finger-formed limestone matrix. This matrix seems to be directly covered by very tiny glassy untwinned Fluorite on which another layer of larger Fluorites, mostly twinned crystals, have grown. Some of the larger crystals show complex growth, with the centre of the specimen being a wonderful Fluorite triplet up to 2,5cm diameter, where two Fluorite cubes have parallel intergrown with a larger "central" Fluorite cube. The Fluorite has a dark green core with colourless/purple edges and completely flawless. Right next to this crystal is a slightly smaller triplet up to 1,6cm, which seems to be only very light green in colour at the very centre, with the outside being completely colourless. Both colour zones are separated by what looks like a very thin purple line. This crystal shows the typical concentric "growth lines" which reaches a "climax" at the point where it intersects with the other crystal. There appears to be some form of damage on the contact between the two triplets, but the nature of the damage suggests it to be natural. On top of the specimen sits a, what appears to be an L-shaped Fluorite twin, but on close inspection is a tabular Fluorite intergrown with two smaller Fluorite cubes together resembling an L-like shape. The specimen is covered a complete 360°, but some Fluorites show contact damage where the growth was halted by the cavity wall. The "main display face" is mainly undamaged and any other damage does not detract the overall beauty of the specimen. The specimen didn't come with a label but it comes, with a 100% certainty, from Heights mine.