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Teniente Mine, El Teniente, Cachapoal Province

O'Higgins Region, Chile

Earlier mining was taken over in 1904 by an American partnership between Braden and an E W Nash forming the the Braden Copper Company, developing and renaming the mine.

Production continued but 51% stake in the mine was sold to the Chilean government with nationalisation in 1971, leading to the new name El Teniente from 1973.

Available minerals are principally copper sulphides and secondaries, though the mine has produced giant gypsum crystals.

History Log

Custom text Action/Event Title Date Note
edit Opened Before 1819
edit Operated by 1904 Braden Copper Company
edit Note 1967 51% Stake acquired by Chilean Government
edit Note 1971 Fully Nationalised
edit Acquired 1973 Renamed
edit Taken Over By 2015