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Greek Epidote

Greek Epidote: 17 Dec - 17 Mar 2017

Start: 17/12/2016 18:30 GMT   End: 17/03/2017 18:20 GMT

The locality near Kimmeria has produced the finest epidote specimens in Greece and is among the top 3 European localities for Epidote. Most of the specimens listed here come from my finds in the locality back in 2007-2010. Sadly, the locality is now barely productive as collectors have exhausted most of the pockets and covered the area with debris. There is Lapis article about this locality, Nr. 4 April 2016, pages 12-21.

 All of the specimens here are terminated and most of them are doubly terminated floaters. What happened in these pockets is that the specimen broke inside and then recrystallized (most of them, not all). The size of the crystals is large for the locality, well above average. There are several different styles, to show the diversity of the formations these epidotes exhibit. Most of them have one common characteristic: the crystals are actually composed of dozens of smaller crystals in parallel growth.