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Viamineralia Summer Special: 01 Sep - 08 Sep 2017

Viamineralia Summer Special: 01 Sep - 08 Sep 2017

Start: 01/09/2017 18:30 BST   End: 08/09/2017 23:30 BST

For this special auction we selected a couple of finest fluorite specimen! Classic ones from Freiberg, one gemmy amber-colored from Wölsendorf and an amazing combination with baryte, one wonderful piece from Berbes, an isolated crystal on quartz from La Viesca. More Fluorite from Auglaize Quarry, from namibia and a 25cm tall specimen from Weisseck mountain in incredible color. You will find some exceptional tourmaline and a superb grossular from Asbestos. Alpine treasure from Alps – phantom quartz from Schyn Gorge, smoky quartz from Pinzgau and rock crystal gwindel from Switzerland and many more fine minerals from all over the world.

Have luck; enjoy the auction!

Your viamineralia team Martin & Robert