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Minerals-Online - German Systematics: 20 Jun - 27 Jun 2016

Minerals-Online - German Systematics: 20 Jun - 27 Jun 2016

Start: 20/06/2016 18:30 BST   End: 27/06/2016 22:30 BST

This week I offer a selection of 60 systematic specimen exclusively from german localities. The majority of the specimens are from classic places in the Erzgebirge, Harz Mountains, Odin’s Forest and Siegen mining area, including a bundle of type localities and (analyzed) rarities. They are from one single collection which was built up between the 70's and 2011. All specimens are boxed and well documented with regard to localities and species. Most of them are in the 2-4 cm size range.
Although the skills of my camera sometimes reached their borders, I think you'll see the important details. Enjoy!
As all the specimens are quite light and easy to handle, it will be possible to ship 10 items or possibly more for the indicated shipping cost of 6.50 Euros – worldwide!