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Rockhunter: 13 May - 19 May 2021

Rockhunter: 13 May - 19 May 2021

Start: 13/05/2021 18:30 BST   End: 19/05/2021 22:50 BST

Dear Rockhunters!

Warm greetings from much-to-cold May here in Germany.

A lot of new and exciting specimens are coming our way. We are constantly working to improve our offer. Stay tuned for great specimens from all over the world for fair start prices.

Before you start with your viewing please read our usual pandemia-caused informations.

As we've mentioned before: Still overseas shipping can take much longer than before the pandemia, but US-shippings seem to be going faster again. Orders shipped at the end of last year/early 21 took up to four months, now we calculate with 6 to 8 weeks max. Post to Australia, New Zealand and other places far far away from Germany goes even faster.

Some shipping fees have changed, but nothing dramatic. Some prices went a little bit down, some a little up. And here's more differentiation nowadays between closer Non-EU countries and overseas.

Delivery is still different from pre-pandemic times. Take care and watch out for the post(wo)man.
There's still a bit of chaos and the politicians are not much of a help in the moment.

Best check with your tracking code. We always add it to your invoice the moment we bring your order to the post office or Hermes station.

If you want to know when we'll ship: It's all in our shipping policies.

About merging orders to save you shipping fees: Just tell us and we'll  collect orders for you.

We refund saved shipping fees right after calculating the final postage.

And we're always on the hunt for new exciting specimens for your collection.

Now have a great time!
Kris & Hu