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Rockhunter: 30 Mar - 06 Apr 2021

Rockhunter: 30 Mar - 06 Apr 2021

Start: 30/03/2021 18:30 BST   End: 06/04/2021 22:50 BST

Dear Rockhunters!

Happy Easter holidays!

Spring's finally arrived in Germany and we're looking forward to be out in the sun.

We hope you have nice days too and can enjoy more than our auctions.

Our usual (sigh!) pandemic-note:

Still overseas shipping can take two months or more. Experiences of colleagues show that it can be up to four ("double-sigh!").

Some fees have changed, but nothing dramatic.

Delivery is still different from pre-pandemic times. Take care and watch out for the post(wo)man.
There's still a bit of chaos and the politicians are not much of a help in the moment.

Have a great time!
Kris & Hu