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Rockhunter - International Classics: 07 Nov - 13 Nov 2020

Rockhunter - International Classics: 07 Nov - 13 Nov 2020

Start: 07/11/2020 18:30 GMT   End: 13/11/2020 22:50 GMT

Dear collectors!

With rising numbers of Covid-19 infections and partial lockdowns everywhere at least international shipping almost returned to normal.

Almost all countries returned to pre-pandemia status. Only difference: it will take a bit longer because of less air traffic. German Post/DHL will ship partly with sea freight.

At least we're glad we can offer cheap and safe delivery to almost all countries again.

Just be careful that you can always receive parcels. They might not be handed to you in person and be delivered at all times.

We suggest that you ask your neighbour to receive parcels for you when you're not home. And don't forget to leave a note for the post service.

Please enjoy our new selection now. A lot of interesting specimens from all over the world with a strong focus on affordable Tsumeb pieces.

And if you're missing the German classics (except for that beautiful ammonite pair) stay tuned. There'll be a German Classics auction soon.

Thank you for staying with us in these difficult times.

Stay healthy and have fun!

Kris & Hu