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Wittig Minerals: 19 Jun - 26 Jun 2020

Wittig Minerals: 19 Jun - 26 Jun 2020

Start: 19/06/2020 18:30 BST   End: 26/06/2020 23:40 BST

Dear Collectors,

thank you very much for your patience regarding the shipment of the sold mineral samples. In view of the continuing difficulties with shipping, I strongly recommend that you now switch to FEDEX. Especially for shipping to the USA, Canada and whole Asia the most intelligent solution is to pay an additional amount of about 18 USD on top of the already paid DHL postage of 30 USD and finally get the chance for delivery within the next weeks. Many collectors, whose pieces I keep, use this solution. So I will add this additional postage fees to all combined shippings to reach the FEDEX postage rate, as there will still be a total saving on postage. In the case of individual invoices I will ask whether FEDEX postage is desired - if it makes sense. Of course:  A FEDEX postage does not make sense for the purchase of a 10 Euro specimen, but it does make sense for combined shippings with a higher total value.

For Europe it is slowly developing in a positive direction, but still long delivery times are to be expected.

Nevertheless I still ask you for your patience. In the end, the patient way will be the faster way! In our office nothing will be forgotten or lost.

Merging shipments is the best option in the current situation. Please only bid if you agree with all this!

At this point we would like to thank all collectors once again! AND: A quick payment helps to keep everything going here. Thanks again!

Have fun browsing my new offers and stay safe!