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Plinius Minerals: 17 May - 24 May 2020

Plinius Minerals: 17 May - 24 May 2020

Start: 17/05/2020 18:30 BST   End: 24/05/2020 22:10 BST

Dear Friends and Customers,

This week's auction features a range of specimens from both classic localities but also rather uncommon species, from different collections, including mine - with reasonable or no reserve prices at all!

Highlights of the auction:

- Tourmaline (ex Kasper!) from Pederneira (Brazil)
- Olivenite (rich!) from Lavrion mining district (Greece)
- Smoky quartz (very sharp and rare quality!) from Dasoto (Greece)
- Spessartine (with growth patterns!) from Wushan mine (China)
- Phantom calcite (ex Kasper!) from Santa Eulalia (Mexico)
- Wavellite (excellent quality!) from Mauldin Mt (USA)

A pleasant update regarding shipping: starting May 18th, the Italian lockdown with be practically over, with Italy heading back to normal (or sort of, until further notice). Things are still a bit slow, and I will start resuming shipping starting this week already.

Please let me know if you want to keep stockpiling or you want to close the order.

As for the shipping costs, I will keep sending the invoice with the full shipping costs until you tell me to close the order. When this happens, I will do the math and reimburse you the excess shipping costs (if any).

When you are the winning bidder, please pay for the specimen within 1 week.

I will keep running auctions on a regular weekly basis, and I will be more than happy to cumulate (stockpile) paid items for the winning customer(s) to up to 1.5kg circa. This will allow you to save on postal costs. Should you want to, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I have two Swiss collections with interesting oldtimers, plus I have started downsizing my own personal collection and further material coming up soon.

Happy bidding, and stay safe everybody :)

Mineralogically yours,