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Rockhunter: 06 May - 13 May 2020

Rockhunter: 06 May - 13 May 2020

Start: 06/05/2020 18:30 BST   End: 13/05/2020 23:00 BST

Dear Collectors & Colleagues!

Here's our latest mix of international classics, type locality specimens, pseudomorphs and more. Rarities and beauties wherever you look.

If you experience any delivery problems because of the Covid-19 crisis, please read our following notes about that and contact us immediately.

Delivery in Coid-19 times:

Due to the crisis there are still some delays and complications to ship to several countries at the moment - mainly overseas. Most of the EU countries are not affected.

If we cannot ship to your country in the moment we will collect and store your orders until the shipment can be processed normally again.

This will even give you the chance to accumulate several orders from consecutive auctions and save money for shipping. We already offered this service long before the Covid-19 outbreak.

Good news:

We can ship to Japan and Canada again - all parcels up to 2 kg, normal fare.

If you are living in the USA, it's still restricted to premium parcels, but it will get a bit cheaper for anything under 5 kg (40 € for up to 5 kg + an extra fee of 2.62 € per kg) from Monday, 11th on. However we cannot guarantee this, because we had problems with the online business program before (everybody had). We'll keep you updated.

In case we have to wait your items are safe at our place and we hope that the problem will be solved soon.

Regarding ALL the countries we CAN ship to:

You might face delays in delivery and should check for changes of the delivery process. Parcels might not be handed out to you in person, even though we ship only “registered” you might not have personal contact to the delivery person and parcels might end up at your doorstep. Please make sure you’re informed about the changes of delivery methods in your country. We have no control over this.

Last but not least: Please pay your orders right after each auction. You'll still get the cheapest possible shipping rates and if we accidently overcharge, we'll pay back the difference immediately.

Thanks for your support in the times of this crisis.

Stay healthy and have fun!

Best wishes from Germany!

Kris & Hu