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Micro-Masterpieces: 04 Apr - 11 Apr 2020

Micro-Masterpieces: 04 Apr - 11 Apr 2020

Start: 04/04/2020 18:30 BST   End: 11/04/2020 22:40 BST

Due to the coronavirus-crisis our German post has cancelled sending small parcels at regular prices to USA. The price for shipping the smallest parcels (up to 5 kg) to USA is now EUR 53,-. For a small parcel this price is not reasonable and we offer You to keep Your items and send it when the situation has normalized.
In urgent cases we are prepared to send Your items immediately, but we have to ask for a price of EUR 53,- for shipping !

For customers of other non-EU countries the situation can change quickly. For questions about shipping please contact us, we do our best to help.

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