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Systematica: 05 Apr - 12 Apr 2020

Systematica: 05 Apr - 12 Apr 2020

Start: 05/04/2020 18:30 BST   End: 12/04/2020 22:50 BST

Dear Friends,

Owing to coronavirus, we are all closed at home in these days and we can go out only to buy food and medicines.

At present I postpone the shipment of the speciments.

I will inform you of any developments and when I will be in a position to go to the postal office without hazards for my safety.

I will continue to publish new auctions both to spend my time both to offer you pastime and opportunities.

I will make a combine of possible orders for the containment of the shipping cost.

Thank you for your comprehension and best wishes to all.


Luigi  Chiappino