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Plinius - Super Sale: 21 Oct - 28 Oct 2018

Plinius - Super Sale: 21 Oct - 28 Oct 2018

Start: 21/10/2018 18:30 BST   End: 28/10/2018 23:20 GMT

Dear Friends, 

This week's auction features 23 specimens ranging from intriguing features to classic or rather unusual localities, and also coming from my collection and prestigious pedigree such as Bruno Cerato (Italy) and 'Jim' Thomas (USA).  

Some highlights include:

- elongated diopside from Somma-Vesuvius complex (Italy)

- oldtimer adamite from Ojuela mine (Mexico)

- rare meneghinite from Bottino mine (Italy)

- unusual bicolor smithsonite from Lavrion (Greece)

- superb blue baryte from Stoneham (Colorado)

As usual, some specimens come with a very low reserve prices.

Hope you enjoy this auction. Happy bidding!