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Plinius - Italy: 07 Oct - 14 Oct 2018

Plinius - Italy: 07 Oct - 14 Oct 2018

Start: 07/10/2018 18:30 BST   End: 14/10/2018 23:20 BST

Dear Friends, 

This week's auction is dedicated to 23 Italian specimens and localities, with some of them from my own collection or from different collections acquired during the years.  
Some highlights include:

- rare fibrous artinite from Rio del Bastardo 
- rich mimetite from Cinquevalli mine
- elegant rodingite miniature of diopside and grossular from Ala valley
- unusual pyrite from Elba island
- great 'calamine' hemimorphite from Sa Duchessa mine

As usual, some specimens come with a very low, below-market-price, reserve price.

Hope you enjoy this auction. Happy bidding!