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Mixed Minerals


Mixed Minerals

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Arizona, United States of America
Mixed Specimens
Size Range: 
Small miniature (3-4.5 cm)
4 × 3 × 3 cm

Outstanding mixed lot of 42 rare and common minerals in crystallized form from many different localities, almost all of them from Germany and Italy. All diferent mineral species!

Names and localities of the specimens in the lot are detailed below. and also in the photos provided. "Labels" section offers zoom photos of the labels in the main section.

"Size" is approximate size of the plastic boxes, not specimen sizes.

Specimens are, from left to right, and from top to bottom: 

Polydimite  Grube Grune Aue Siegerland, D.n (foto 6)
Langite Grube Friederich Siegerland, D. (foto 4)
Pseudomalachite Borsyein, Odenwald, D (foto 7)
Siegenite Grube Grune Aue Siegerland, D. (foto 9)
Linarite Grube Bastenberg  Ramsbeck, D. (foto 5)
Pyromorphite Bad Ems, D. (foto 8)
Mellite Artern , Thuringen, D.
Arsendescloizite Brixlegg, Austria
Brianyoingite Grube Alexander, Saurland, D.
Hydroboracite Harz, D.
Silber, Glasberg, Odenwald, D.
Tennantite Glasberg, Odenwald, D.
Brochantite Grube Grune Aue Siegerland, D.
Tacharanite Bramburg, Gottingen, D.
Connellite Grube Virneburg, D.
Millerite, Zeche Zollverein, Essen, D.
Olivenite Grube Sophie, Siegerland, D.
Pyrolusite Siegerland,D.
Scorodite Grube Sophie, D.
Tetrahedrite Siegerland, D.
Anglesite Grube Victoria, Siegerland, D.
Chalcopyrite Siegerland, D.
Lollingite, Odenwald, D.
Malayaite Grube Sauberg,D.
Bournonite Grube Dornberg, D.
Talc pseudomorph over dolomite Bayern,D.
Tuscanite Cava Montenero , Viterbo, Italy
Proustite Glasberg, Odenwald, D.
Corkite Grube Schone Aussicht, D
Malachite Grube Alexander, Sauerland, D.
Prehnite Glasberg Odenwald, D.
Pyrophyllite+bournonite Grube Apollo, D.
Sphalerite Grube Adler, Siegerland, D.
Vonsenite Te Croci, Viterbo, I
Bismuthite+Polydimite Grube Aue, Siegerland, D
Gaylussite, Sachen, D.
Prismatin Waldheim, Sachen, D.
Senarmontite, Tafone, Italy
Stewartite Bayern, D.
Zircon Premosello, Piemonte, I
Azurite Brixlegg, Austria
Autunite Sachen, D.

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Mixed Minerals

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Label Images - only: Mixed Minerals
Label Images - only: Mixed Minerals

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