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Mixed Minerals


Mixed Minerals

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Somma-Vesuvius, Naples Province, Campania, Italy
Crystals on Matrix
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Thumbnail (1-3cm)
1 × 1 × 1 cm

Ten thumbnails of very representative minerals of the Vesuvian areas. For patient researchers, many other surprising species can be found on each sample. Hard material to find. 20 mixed Vesuvius minerals. List: - Meionite - baddeleyite - wollastonite - nepheline - apatite - vesuvianite - spinel - realgar - hessonite - augite - spinel - thompsonite / philipsite - realgar - sodalite - vesuvianite - humite- sanidine - thompsonite - anorthite - wollastonite / apatite All in excellent condition.

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What's on the rock

Mixed Minerals

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Seller's terms and conditions

All samples will be sent by registered mail traced.
The shipping rates include: shipping cost, professional packaging, handwritten label of the sample.

The bottom web and the tracking number, the package, you'll find it in the notes on the invoice.

The delivery of this service may vary from 4 to 20 days (on average 7-10), depending on the country of destination, and time of year (eg Christmas season, it is very stressful to the post office)

In general, we are not liable for any damage sustained by the sample during transport.
I lost parcels, we will be sought from the Italian Post Office, with appropriate procedure. The time required depends on the Italian Post Office.

The return of a sample for various reasons. It must be approved by us. And in any case, the refund will be net of expenses.

Photo: All the photos we have published samples, are made with professional cameras. Photos are not retouched with software, to improve or alter the appearance of the samples. We try to offer photos, more realistically closer to the reality of the sample.

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