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Poudrette Quarry, Mont Saint-Hilaire, Québec, Canada
Crystals on Matrix
Size Range: 
Small miniature (3-4.5 cm)
3 × 2.5 × 3 cm

This is a small sample with crystals of intermediate korobitsynite-nenadkevichite composition. I have labeled them “korobitsynite” because in the qualitative EDS scan (for another specimen - see the “Analysis” tab), the Ti peak is higher than the Nb peak. However, Ti is more readily detected than Nb, so you would need WDS – very expensive! - to actually prove that Ti > Nb. Also, in the holotype material, the Ti:Nb ratio was ~ 3:1. Hence “korobitsynite” is a tentative ID. The crystals could also be zoned, with some parts being korobistynite and others nenadkevichite. As far as I know, there was only one find of korobitsynite at MSH that has been rigorously verified. This specimen is not from that find. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be korobitsynite. It simply isn’t practical to thoroughly analyze every likely sample. In any case, korobitsynite is very rare at MSH and is only known from a handful of localities world-wide, so this is a very interesting specimen.

The crystals are very small and may not be easy to spot at first. I have plastered the specimen with half a dozen arrows pointing to some of them. There are many others.

FOV in the first photo is 0.8 x 1.1 mm. The crystal is 0.6 mm tall. You will need 30-50X to see it clearly.

The next pair of photos (FOV 1.8 x 1.9 mm) shows several crystals ca 0.5 mm. I am not sure if the dark crystal is an amphibole or aegirine.

Single item shipping weight (no case) is 3.3 oz (94 g). For shipments outside the USA, up to a total weight < 8 oz (225g), this can be combined with items from this or other auctions for the same postage.

Within the USA, postage for total weights up to 13 oz, ranges from $4.25 to $6.50 (including packing etc) regardless of destination. Above 13 oz, I will use Priority Mail ($7.25 - $9.20 including packing – varies by destination).

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Crystal System: 
Type Locality: 
Karnasurt Mt, Lovozero Massif, Kola Peninsula, Murmanskaja Oblast', Northern Region, Russia...
Analysis Report - only: Korobitsynite
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In addition to the standard terms and conditions, please note the following. Almost all IDs are visual. While in most cases the ID is obvious, there may be cases where it is not. If you are doubtful about a particular ID, please ask for more information. Or do not bid! Similarly, if you are not sure that the specimen meets your criteria, do not bid. I have tdone the best I can with the photos. Nevertheless, if you are not happy with a specimen for any reason, I will refund the bid price – but not the shipping costs (unless the fault is clearly mine) – if the specimen is returned. This policy applies even if analysis of the specimen shows that my ID was incorrect. When in doubt, ask - or don’t bid. Note that most crystals at MSH and Varennes are micros - even if on large specimens. Please pay attention to the stated sizes. Any customs duties, fees etc. are the responsibility of the buyer.