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Grossular & Diopside


Grossular & Diopside

Classic Locality

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Belvidere Mountain Quarries, Lowell & Eden, Orleans County, Vermont, United States of America
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Size Range: 
Thumbnail (1-3cm)
1.4 × 1.6 × 1.3 cm

This is a beautiful example of grossular and emerald green diopside (or vesuvianite) from the classic Belvidere Mountain locality. Overall, the grossular is about 1.2 cm in diameter, with edges to ca 8 mm.

Regarding the diopside vs vesuvianite: Some of the crystals are well terminated. In fact, so well terminated, that diopside seems a bit dubious. However, the crystals don’t look tetragonal to me.

Which doesn’t mean all that much, because crystals can be tricky critters, and I admit that I am easily fooled. I claim grossular. The diopside vs vesuvianite I leave up to you. See the last pair of photos (FOV 4.6 x 6.7 mm) for a close-up of some of the terminations. Note also the little blobs of Cu mineralization - probably malachite with perhaps a bit of azurite (which, however, is not listed for this locality). These crystal are also shown in the last pair of macro photos.

Also note the apparent shape of the grossular in the first photo. In this orientation, the grossular could be mistaken for a cube - which shows just how tricky morphology can be. In this case, with such a large crystal it is easy enough to get a different angle of view which quickly reveals that it is really a dodecahedron. But with small and/or intergrown crystals, things are not always so easy.

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Mineral Data
What's on the rock


6.5 - 7.0
Type Locality: 
Akhtaragda River mouth (Achtaragda River mouth), Vilyui River Basin (Vilui River Basin; Wilui River Basin), Sakha Republic (Saha Republic; Yakutia), Eastern-Siberian Region, Russia


Group Parent: 
Clinopyroxene Subgroup
Crystal System: 
5.5 - 6.5
LMB minerals

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