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Franklin, Sussex County, New Jersey, United States of America
Size Range: 
Cabinet (10-18 cm)
7 × 10 × 5 cm

When this limestone quarry was active, it was well known as a producer of very brightly fluorescent norbergite specimens.This specimen is a good example of just how bright the norbergite from here could get.

Regarding the UV photos: Keep in mind that, unless you have a “death star” UV source, all UV photos are time exposures. You can make them as bright as you want by varying the exposure and/or using SW. You can also make the UV response any color you want, again via SW. These images are an attempt to reproduce what I think I saw using my UV source, namely a very bright, pale yellow response.

But my camera and Photoshop thought differently. Depending on the tool used, the color came out either greenish-yellow (chartreuse) or cream/off white. So I had to do “stuff” to make it look like what I think I saw. Perhaps the most useful thing to say is, that the color is “some sort” of yellow and that it is bright enough to keep company with willemite without getting lost (but it is not as bright as that mineral). 

Reagarding the norbergite ID: Over the years there has been a good deal of controversy regarding norbergite vs chondrodite in the Franklin area limestone quarries. The current expert consensus seem to be that “if it fluoresces, it is norbergite, else chondrodite”. Many specimens are probably mixtures.

The matrix is grayish calcite with lots of graphite inclusions. If there are any euhedral norbergite crystals here (which I doubt), your chances of extracting any are essentially nil.

For the quarry, this is actually a small sample, but it is big enough to make the postage quite painful. With packing, the shipping weight of this specimen by itself would be about 17 oz (480 g). The “good” news is that the quoted rate is good up to a total weight of 32 oz (950 g), so there is plenty of leeway for additional items (even if a bigger box and more packing are required). Just let me know if you want me to keep an “open box”. Within the USA, this will be shipped via Priority Mail.


Mineral Data
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Crystal System: 
6.0 - 6.5
Type Locality: 
Östanmossa mine, Röberg ore field, Norberg, Västmanland, Sweden
LMB minerals

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In addition to the standard terms and conditions, please note the following. Almost all IDs are visual. While in most cases the ID is obvious, there may be cases where it is not. If you are doubtful about a particular ID, please ask for more information. Or do not bid! Similarly, if you are not sure that the specimen meets your criteria, do not bid. I have tdone the best I can with the photos. Nevertheless, if you are not happy with a specimen for any reason, I will refund the bid price – but not the shipping costs (unless the fault is clearly mine) – if the specimen is returned. This policy applies even if analysis of the specimen shows that my ID was incorrect. When in doubt, ask - or don’t bid. Note that most crystals at MSH and Varennes are micros - even if on large specimens. Please pay attention to the stated sizes. Any customs duties, fees etc. are the responsibility of the buyer.