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Eudialyte & Analcime


Eudialyte & Analcime

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Demix-Varennes Quarry, Varennes & St-Amable, Montérégie, Québec, Canada
Size Range: 
Small miniature (3-4.5 cm)
2.9 × 3.4 × 1.8 cm

This is a micro. FOV in the main photo is 6.8 x 4.0 mm. The central group of orange eudialyte xls spans 1.9 mm. You will need 15-30X to view them.

Eudialyte is common and generally well formed in the Saint-Amable sill. However, it is very brittle and also subject to alteration. Hence, undamged, gemmy and lustrous xls – such as the central group, but not the other - are much harder to find.

Analcime is also common here, but it is generally not well formed and, in the miarolitic cavities, usually corroded. The xls in the center are actually good for the locality. But note the natrolite (?) growing in the xl on the right.

I don’t know what the pale beige reticulated aggregate just above the eudialyte is. Kukharenkoit-(Ce) comes to mind, but the angles of reticulation don’t seem right.

The off-white platy xls are microcline and the dark green acicular stuff is aegirine.

Note: Color is not useful for distinguishing members of the eudialyte group. However, only eudialyte proper has been reported from the sill so far. It comes in many different colors. Orange is very common. The habit is typically thick tabular (as here).

Weight 0.5 oz. This could be mailed in a padded envelope for $7 (less in the USA).

Mineral Data
What's on the rock


5.0 - 6.0
Type Locality: 
Kangerluarsuk Fjord (Kangerdluarssuq Fjord), Ilímaussaq complex, Narsaq, Kujalleq, Greenland


Crystal System: 
5.0 - 5.5
Type Locality: 
Cyclopean Islands, Acitrezza (Aci Trezza), Etna Volcanic Complex, Catania Province, Sicily, Italy
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