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Mixed Minerals


Mixed Minerals

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Lazio, Italy
Crystals on Matrix
Size Range: 
Small miniature (3-4.5 cm)
2 × 3 × 2 cm

This micro-collection contains 33 samples, all from the volcanic complex of Lazio and Tuscany, Italy, some species are truly rare.

Size: MM, TN and small miniatures. Weight about 500 gr.

In the picture: Artinite, Fluoborite, Kaliophilite, Latiumite, Pyrite, Richterite, Tuscanite, Vishnevite, Wollastonite.


1. Allanite: dark elongated crystals, Capranica, Viterbo

2. Analcime: semitransparent and colorless icositetrahedral crystals, Fosso Ricomero, Vetralla, Viterbo

3. Anatasio: dark cubic crystals, Fosso del Serpente, Rome

4. Artinite: elongated crystals, with colorless and transparent bundles, Albano, Rome

5. Baddeleyite: elongated, yellow-green tabular crystals, Case Collina, Pitigliano, Grosseto

6. “Betaphite”: dark octahedra, Tobias area, Viterbo

7. Danburite: colorless and transparent crystals, Casale Rosati, Valentano, Viterbo

8. Davyna: squat, white crystals, Tre Croci, Vetralla, Viterbo

9. Ekanite: green prismatic crystals, Case Collina, Pitigliano, Grosseto

10. Epidote: green elongated prismatic crystals, Tre Croci, Vetralla, Viterbo

11. Fluoborite: elongated crystals, with colorless and transparent bundles, Parco Chigi, Ariccia, Rome

12. Girmondina-Philipsite: Osa Quarry, Osteria dell’Osa, Rome

13. Gotzenite: colorless prismatic crystals, Parco Chigi, Ariccia, Rome

14. Grossularia: yellowish rhombododecahedral crystal, Biachella, Sacrofano, Rome

15. Hellandite: brown tabular crystals, Monte Cavalluccio, Sacrofano, Rome

16. Latiumite TL: colorless elongated crystals, Albano, Rome

17. Kaliophilite: bundles of brown crystals, Albano, Rome

18. Pyrite: brass complex crystals, Parco Chigi, Ariccia, Rome

19. Pyrochloro: dark octahedra, Tre Croci, Vetralla, Viterbo

20. Quartz: squat colorless pyramidal crystals, Bassano Romano, Viterbo

21. Richterite: soft white crystals, Albano, Rome

22. Sodalite: clear rhombododecahedral crystals, Vetralla, Viterbo

23. Spinel noble: small dark octahedra, Albano, Rome

24. Tadzhikite-Y: thin and brown tabular crystals, Tre Croci, Vetralla, Viterbo

25. Thorite: green prismatic crystals, Tobias area, Viterbo

26. Titanite: orange crystals, Vetralla, Viterbo

27. Tuscanite: elongated brown-orange crystals, Biachella, Sacrofano, Rome

28. Vesuvianite: complex brown crystals, Sacrofano, Rome

29. Vicanite-Ce: greenish crystal, Tobia area, Viterbo

30. Vishnevite: colorless elongated crystals, Casale Rosati, Valentano, Viterbo

31. Vonsenite: tangled metallic crystals, Tre Croci, Vetralla, Viterbo

32. Wollastonite: elongated clear crystals, Parco Chigi, Ariccia, Rome

33. Zircon: pink prismatic crystals, Monte Cavalluccio, Sacrofano, Rome

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Mixed Minerals

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