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  • 16 Jun, 2018
    Roger Curry
    In terms of desirability, the specimens collected by NASA in ‘69 would be hard to beat. Their superb provenance is excellently documented. They are holotypes of three minerals new to science, and brave men risked their...
  • 12 Jun, 2018
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
    I know there are a few collectors of unusual pseuodomorphs out there who might be interested in this. I spotted this specimen chenevixite posted by Carsten Slotta; from the photographs you can see an array of quite well...
  • 11 Jun, 2018
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
    Pyrite - Victoria Mine, Navajun, Spain   Introduction: I know the title is a terrible Alistair MacLean pun, but it is hot here today and it was the best I could come up with. Spanish sellers Baltasar and Elvira at BS Rocks...
  • 10 Jun, 2018
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
    Once again whilst researching and updating a new mineral I came across another interesting figure behind the mineral name. This time the mineral was gorbunovite - the citation from the IMA proposal is in the box below. ...


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    Marc Allen Fleischer owner of the Fleischer Museum has been showing of this...
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    Sometimes even the most clearly labelled specimen will have you scratching your...
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    It is already nearly a few months since we returned from our eventful trip to...

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