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Piatek Minerals

Piatek Minerals

  • Poland
    Piatek Minerals is founded in 2010 by Grzegorz Piątek and Kornelia Rudzka and is located in Szprotawa, Poland, about 200 km from famous Terra Mineralia Museum located in Freiberg, Germany.

    A couple of years before, our passion for minerals began, when we received as a gift a few minerals. Very fast we realized, that collecting mineral would become our huge passion.

    During our trips in various European shows, starting from The Munich Show, later Sainte Marie Mineral Show and Tucson Mineral Show we have meet a lot of amazing people, minerals dealers and
    collectors ! always we were very warm and friendly welcomed.

    Supported by many people from the mineral business Piatek Minerals can now offer a great selection of fine minerals. We are keep on providing the mineral world with good mineral specimens at reasonable prices. Piatek Minerals also wants to expand relationships with our customers.

    We hope, you will be pleased with our minerals.

    If you have any question abouth our photography please ask !
    Photos are made on the anti-reflection glass through the glass we get blurred background.
    For lighting we use two lamps with total power of 1000 watts, our camera is a Canon EOS 70D and Canon lens Ultrasonic 100mm Macro.