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Completing Items for Selling on e-Rocks

This section explains the section on the e-Rocks item form for sales listings, Auction, Fixed Price or Auction with Buy Now.

The postage section also appears here with the fields you have set up in Postage Tables in your profile.

Field Name Role Notes
Currency Selling Currency Will default to currency listed in your profile.
Item Starting Price Lowest Selling Price
This will default to 10. The starting price can be set to any value in stead of using (hidden) reserve price.
(field visible when Auction Selected)
Item Reserve Price Lowest Selling Price
Set this price as a reserve, bids below this price will increment, but item will only sell once reserve is passed.
(field visible when Auction Selected)
Item Buy Now Price Instant Selling Price Will set up Buy Now buttons for instant sale at the value set. (field visible when either Fixed Price or Auction Selected)
Reserve Price Sale Check Checking this automatically puts your item back on sale after the auction has closed - at the original Start Price/Reserve Price - IF the value is greater than 10. (field visible only when these conditions are set up)

Adding Shipping Costs to New Products

When you add new products your template shipping bands are set up on the input form for you.

You can enter separate values for each of the bands (in format 00.00)

You can tick the Preset box and Save as Preset, then these values will return each time you open the form until you log out.

If you leave some values blank then only the values entered will be displayed on the product info.

If you leave all values blank then no shipping costs will be displayed, but a message with email link to you will appear “Please Contact Seller for Shipping Costs”.

You can offer Free Shipping by adding a "Free Shipping" row in your postage table, and setting the cost to zero.