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Completing Items for Collection on e-Rocks

This section explains the section on the e-Rocks item form for collection listings.

Selling options Auction, Fixed Price or Auction with Buy Now can also be combined with collecting.

The collection section will only be presented on the item upload if the Collection selection is ticked at the top of the form.

Note some of these fields are given the option for you to make public, when the item is published, make sure these are set correctly.

The remaining fields are private and cannot be seen by anyone else when the item is published.

If you use a bulk import or upload via our site API we will help you map your existing database fields to match ours. We can also provide auxillary fields if your data has other fields we do not use.


This section is for adding information about where you obtained your item which will also cross reference on the database for things like eBay seller id or e-Rocks seller.

If you have bought an item on e-Rocks and automatically added this to your collection the relevant information will be posted for you - incognito as default. Please note other site users will still be able to see some of this information via the Seller's version of the item.

Field Name Role Notes
Make Public Sets Privacy for this Section When checked and saved only you will be able to see this information on the published item page. This operates per item and can be turned on/off.
How Obtained   Drop down list for selection
Where   Optional additional note


eBay Id

e-Rocks id

Fields switch according to "How Obtained"

Seller - add seller name etc,
eBay id - adds is to your database

e-Rocks id will automatically be added if you import item - or you can add to database.

Item Number    
Date Aquired Date Autocompleted if imported on e-Rocks
Other Views Add Tags to your item This field will let you add Tags to your item to display in different groups, sets or features*

*Within your account we have a feature called clipboard. Via your Collector Dashboard page you can search your collection, and then select post items to clipboard.

Once in clipboard you can move the items between Collections and set different Tags  to allow different presentations.

For example you can have a collection called "Calcite" and another called "Azurite" - via the Dashboard you can list all your specimens for Tsumeb, add to Clipboard, then assign a Tag - "Tsumeb."

Clicking or posting the URL for "Tsumeb" will then post all your Tsumeb minerals present in your Calcite and Azurite collection.

Personal Data

This section is reserved for information about your collection that is private to you. Under no circumstance will any of this data be viewable by other site users.

Field Name Role Notes
Purchase Price/Currency   Autocompleted if imported on e-Rocks
Current Value/Currency    
Insured Value/Currency    
Collection Status Range of Options Select - one or more relevant options. "On Loan" "Consigned" opens a field for you to track where/who.
Collection Reference Your own personal reference  
Collection Notes Private Notes  
Condition Status Range of Options Select - one or more relevant options. "Add Note" open further note field
Conditon Notes Private Notes  


This section allows you to keep track of items in your collection.

Every collection will have different storage solutions so it is possible for the collector to define this.

There are two levels of storage and once defined are used to tag your item accordingly. Once set up the database will remember your storage system and guide you through the allocation.

For Example,

Storage Level 1, defined as "Cabinet 1" "Cabinet 2" "Display Case 1"

Storage Level 2, defined as "Shelf 1" "Shelf 2" "Drawer 1" "Drawer 2"

it is possible to assign any item to any storage, eg "Cabinet 2", "Drawer 3" 

Field Name Role Notes
Storage Level 1   This field will let you add storage Tags to record your personal storage location
Storage Level 2    
On Loan/Consignment Record where a mineral is loaned/consigned Field only visible when correct status is set

Viewing managing and moving items in your storage system works in an identical way to the system for Other Views about.

Your item clipboard will let you manage this in bulk.