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Minerals by A-Z

Use the e-Rocks A-Z list of minerals, varieties and related names to find things on our database, available for sale.

This list contains both valid mineral names, colloquialisms and other catalogue entries that relate to items listed here on e-Rocks.

Please use our Mineral Database to explore our database of sold minerals.

Title Formula Variety Of Items
Kaatialaite Fe(H2AsO4)3·5H2O 1
Kamotoite-(Y) Y2(UO2)4(CO3)3O4·14H2O 3
Kaňkite FeAsO4·3.5H2O 1
Kapundaite NaCaFe4(PO4)4(OH)3·5H2O 1
Karibibite Fe2As4O9 1
Kaznakhtite Ni6Co2(CO3)(OH)16 · 4H2O 1
Kelyphite 1
Kidney Ore Hematite 1
Kidwellite NaFe3+9(PO4)6(OH)11·3H2O 1
Kipushite (Cu,Zn)5Zn(PO4)2(OH)6·H2O 2
Kochsándorite CaAl2(CO3)2(OH)4·H2O 1
Kolbeckite ScPO4·2H2O 1
Kolwezite (Cu,Co)2(CO3)(OH)2 1
Koninckite Fe3+PO4·3H2O 1
Kraisslite Zn3(Mn,Mg)25(Fe3+,Al)(As3+O3)2[(Si,As5+)O4]10(OH)16 1
Kratochvílite C13H10 1
Krautite Mn(HAsO4)·H2O 1
Krennerite (Au,Ag)Te2 2
Krieselite (Al,Ga)2(GeO4)(OH)2 1
Kunzite Spodumene 3
Kushiroite CaAl[AlSiO6] 1
Kyanite Al2(SiO4)O 5