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  • 30 Dec, 2017
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
      Today 30 December is the last day of auctions for e-Rocks in 2017, and quite a year it has been both on and off "the pitch".  The Piatek Minerals auction closing at 23:40 tonight will be the final and 1839th auction...
  • 26 Dec, 2017
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
    Jill Brunner's listing of anglesite with galena inclusion from Tsumeb has just chalked up item #630000, or 130,000 items added to the e-Rocks database since we renumbered the inventory in October 2015. Previously we reported...
  • 25 Dec, 2017
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
    Something we do not see very often (maybe twice a year), the administrator's "auction items closing panel" for the next 24 hours is blank! This means we don't have any auctions closing on Christmas Day, but we will be back...
  • 08 Nov, 2017
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
    We already recently reported on the number of new minerals being added to e-Rocks in October, an impressive average of 161 items per day went up in the last 2 months. We thought it might interesting to share some of the...
  • 31 Oct, 2017
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
    It has already been quite a month, but today we passed another milestone with this specimen of bakhchisaraitsevite. No it isn't the most unpronounceable mineral on the site, or the longest mineral name not to use a U or O,...
  • 12 Oct, 2017
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
    In under 2 weeks it will be time for this year's Munich Show. Mineralientage München will be open from 27th - 29th October and George and I will be there from 25th October. As usual we will be based with Christian Rewitzer...
  • 20 Sep, 2017
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
    Mining areas above Niaslo village (courtesy Ikram Minerology)                              Recently reading about a new discovery of hematite from Morocco seen at Denver Show reminded me of the locality Niaslo,...
  • 03 Sep, 2017
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
    At this time on Thursday 3rd September 2015 we were busy finishing the change over from the old e-Rocks site to the new. Later that evening the first sold specimen, CMM220188 Pentagonite from India hit the order table. Since...
  • 01 Sep, 2017
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
    Traditionally July and August are slower months for us; with both sellers and collectors away on holiday etc. This year we have been moving like an express train with the e-Rocks sellers adding 10000 new items in the 65 days...
  • 31 Aug, 2017
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
    A little "smoke gets in your eyes" moment today as we said goodbye to Chris Mavris who has been helping us for the last 9 months. Behind the scenes at e-Rocks Chris has been diligently working away at some "special"...
  • 24 Aug, 2017
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
    This old label and specimen came to light the other day when we were moving some boxes around in the TVM store room. Mineralhaus Droop was based in Dresden and this label has an uncertain age but likely to date from later in...
  • 01 Jan, 2017
    Mark Wrigley (Admin)
    Wishing all our visitors, sellers and buyers a very Happy New Year and great things from 2017. Thinking things over this morning I had a sobering thought; there are now 357 days left before Christmas 2017 and the next...