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We start something big...

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We got our new xray diffractometer this week. It will come with a two dimensional detector which enables out of plane bragg peak measurement. This allows ultra fast measurements or extremely low concentrations of mineral samples.

In 2018 we will offer a comprehensive section of analytical tools which will allow fast and reliable analysis. We hope to work with a lot of collectors and publish reports in a digital form about new finds or print them in magazines. Our own reports will be free in a downloadable form and open source.

We changed our SEM to a newer one with much a much faster 5 segment detector allowing us to examine cut sections at TV scan rates. Future analysis will be done with standards allowing much better accuracy of elemental composition. This service will be available in the first quarter of 2018.

For fastest in-situ of non sulphidic minerals Raman measurements can be carried out. This method allows destruction free investigations at minimal sample preparation. Available in the first quarter 2018.

Analysis will be carried out by pharmacist G. Moehn, the finder of moehnite, and myself.