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In Situ - Made in the Shade

Saturday morning, September 2014, we were up bright and early and on the road to Fernleigh, Ontario. Unless you are a mineral collector, you likely will not have heard of the it.

We were looking for a kyanite and staurolite occurrence. Actually, I was dreading it. The weather was spectacular – clear blue skies and warm for the season.

“What’s to dread? “you ask. The rock outcrop in question is out in the open, under the hot blazing sun. I do not tolerate heat very well. Especially the high noon kind.

[Un]fortunately, someone had blocked the access road.

“Ah, bummer,” I said to Reiner while I silently said a prayer of thanks to whomever was responsible for the divine intervention.

We continued along the road to see if there might be another way in. The occurrence runs some 30 kilometers parallel to the highway.

“That proposed subdivision back there. It goes to the lake. Think that’s worth checking out?” I said.

“Maybe,” he said.

We drove up and down the highway a couple of times. Each stop was a bust.

“The subdivision, let’s go there!”

“OK,” he said, more by way of humouring me than anything else.

Well, well, well… nice and cool and shady by the shore of a lake, guess what I found?

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Photos: In Situ - Made in the Shade
Photos: In Situ - Made in the Shade