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Help Save Cobalt's Mining Heritage

Reiner and I retired to Cobalt, Ontario, Canada a little over a year ago. When we aren't out exploring the old mine sites in and around the area, we devote our time in support of the Cobalt Historical Society.

The group maintains the Heritage Silver Trail, a self-guided tour through the Town of Cobalt and the back roads of Coleman Township. We are a volunteer, not-for profit organization. Our duties include keeping the trails clean and safe for those who visit the historic mining community.

If you’ve been to Cobalt before, you have likely spotted the iconic head frame of the Right-of-Way Mine at the north end of Cobalt Lake. This is one of the few century-old mine structures that still stands today. The rest have long collapsed and have been removed.

During an inspection, we learned that the metal roof on the head frame must be replaced to maintain the building’s integrity. If the work is not completed, we risk losing this significant historical monument. Repair work is estimated to be $37,000.

A year ago, we launched a fundraising campaign. We are approximately one-third of the way toward our goal. With your help, we will close the gap! Here's how you can take part.

In Auction 1606 we offer a very special wire silver specimen from the estate of Vivian Hylands, a long-time Cobalt resident. Vivian was a fierce advocate for all things Cobalt, especially the mining heritage. She lived in the Buffalo Mine Mill house, as did her parents, Mae and Walter.

This piece came to Vivian through either her grandfather James Hylands, a mining entrepreneur who arrived in Cobalt in 1908, or her father Walter Hylands, or uncle Don Russell, both men who also worked in the Cobalt mine camp.

Vivian worked tirelessly in multiple volunteer roles in Cobalt and the neighbouring communities. We got to know Vivian through her work as the chair of the Cobalt Historical Society.

Please consider making a bid on this fine wire silver specimen. We appreciate your support.

Up for auction is an exceptional specimen of wire silver from Cobalt Ontario. The longest wire forms an 'S'-shape that measures 2.5 x 2.0 cm overall, and is 0.4 cm at its widest. The entire piece weights approximately 4.0 grams.

Under the microscope you will note the golden tarnish as well as glints of micro-crystals of quartz and possible minor stephanite.

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Photos: Help Save Cobalt's Mining Heritage
Photos: Help Save Cobalt's Mining Heritage
Photos: Help Save Cobalt's Mining Heritage