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Mineral 220000

Coming up to completion in today's Cartils minerals auction this specimen of obsidian from Douglas, Idaho, USA was designated item number 220000 in our catalogue when uploaded.

Our catalogue started back in January 2006, and has grown with some acceleration over the last 9 years. The graphic below shows how.

e-Rocks growth 2006-2015

Our current "add" rate is 125 items daily which has grown from 27 in the first period (Jan 2006 - Aug 2008).

Now we have made uploading faster, easier and with other options for adding to the database it will be interesting to see if the rate accelerates further.

If you are not already a seller (or collector), why not join us and take an active part in the new e-Rocks?

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Photos: Mineral 220000
Photos: Mineral 220000
Photos: Mineral 220000
Photos: Mineral 220000