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Content image: Lumachelle

e-Rocks seller and Austrian collector Andreas Wallisch has been showing off a new addition to his collection.

A fine specimen of a variety of Lumachelle, called Bleiberg Shell Marble (Muschelmarmor)from Bleiberg in Carinthia in Austria.

This particular variety is essentially heavily included with brightly opalescent fragments of ammonite shell, often seen as single fossils or fragments dubbed ammolite.

From Wikipedia: The Bleiberger shell marble, also Helmintholith and opalescent called shell marble, is a rare rock , which in Bad Bleiberg in Carinthia , Austria was found in 1780 for the first time. This as marble rock is referred to as a gesteinkundlich coquina stone filed since there none of metamorphism has been reshaped. The sedimentary rock , which by the botanist and mineralogist Franz Xaver von Wulfen as "kärnthenscher peacock-winded Helimtholith" was called, was in the lower Triassic.

Uncommon, and in such quality.

Lumachelle refers to a wider description of fossil shell remains squashed together. References below.

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